This is me delving into the world of erotic photography. As an aspiring photographer, I am attracted to idea of naked contours, striking contrasts, and varying textures that can be captured using two lovers and a photographer. I post photos that inspire me; photos that I hope to one day recreate, and photos that I hope inspire others.

u p d a t e 3/13/14

SO. It’s been about two years since I’ve been active as bodies-of-art. I have received many messages throughout the time complimenting me on my blog and asking when/if I plan on returning. I logged into tumblr tonight from my sister’s computer and accidentally used  my old email, which signed me in to this old blog. I’m kind of happy it did. I used to love finding pictures to share here, and I loved the messages and stories I received from people’s own love lives.

Unfortunately, in the past two years since I left this blog, I have become extremely jaded in everything from photography to love (it’s what originally made the decision for me to go on hiatus). I don’t see the point in it anymore and it’s been very sad to realize that. I’m not sure what will bring me out of it but I hope something does. 

I graduated last May from the art school at OU and now hold a degree in photography but I’ve hardly taken any photos. The last two years of school made me HATE photography (most of the time). Did it do this to any other art majors? (for real, send me a message and let’s talk about it!)

I’m unsure of what this post is for but I wanted to let you know I’m still alive (because I know you ALL care SO much…) and that I will respond to the messages I’ve racked up. I may return, I may not. We’ll see. I know there’s plenty of other blogs out there doing what I did so it’s not like there’s a big demand for it, ya’ know?